As a clinician

  1. Treat almost all types of Orthopaedic/ limb trauma.
  2. Treat almost all types of Orthopaedic problem.
  3. Treat metabolic bone diseases.
  4. Manage Bone and soft tissue tumor of limbs.
  5. Correct congenital and acquired deformity of limbs.
  6. Manage/ Treat all types of tendon and nerve problems.
  7. Successfully treat Brachial Plexus Surgery.
  8. Soft tissue reconstruction/ Trauma reconstruction by different types of Flap surgery.
  9. Joint Replacement Surgery-THR, TKR etc.
  10. Manage post burn contracture especially upper limb deformity.

As a academician

  1. Course manager, Phase-B. Previously was a course manager, Phase-A.
  2. Play active role for preparing Diploma-Ortho and MS( Orthosurgery) Residency curriculum.
  3. Thesie guide, co-guide, IRB member,BSMMU, as well as thesis examiner.
1. Play important and active role in all academic activity since 26.12.2009, such as preparing Course Curriculum, making and execution of all departmental examination including all block assessment and final MS & Diploma exam under the guidance of department Chairman.

***Performed a lot of operation Under the guidance of Prof. N. K. Datta, including Emergency and Routine procedure- Important are Brachial Plexus Surgery, Upper Limb Reconstruction, All types of Hand Surgery including Congenital hand, Nerve and Tendon repair and reconstructive procedure, Hand Tumor.

***Lower Limb Reconstruction, Congenital Lower Limb Deformity, Fracture Fixation. Joint Replacement Surgery- THR, Hemiarthoplasty of Hip. Tumor Reconstruction using Osteoarticular- allograft, Bone Transplantation.